Entering into the “Green Acre” Zone


When my husband and I bought our home almost two years ago, having a farm was the last thing on my mind. At our front door was a wooden pig…I laughed uncontrollably…maybe I should have held back since there is now a real live pig living on my back porch (temporarily).  We had two children (and have since added one of those), three dogs (add one more of those for current counting), and one cat (add two more to that for updated head counts)….and…I am from the CITY and used to the “country club” being my version of country living. I had been laid off for over a year, but the job market was on the mend…or was it? The only job I could find since then was on a horse farm. Mind you I didn’t grow up around horses, but it seemed like fun…until I saw how big they are! Anyways, 6 months later and I still work there, but the horses now seem to be overgrown dogs to me. I suppose we will blame them for this bright new idea I have been embarking on.

A few weeks ago I brought home two Pekin ducks (Ace & Ginger) and currently await the hatching of some local Muscovies. Then came the choice…pigs or goats? Pigs it is! We currently have a 9 week old piglet (Harlow) and are awaiting the arrival of a second which should be here in a couple of weeks (yet to be named). The goal…when they reach eight months old we start breeding! The piglets will be sold for….whatever the buyer wants (thankfully I have time to get used to the idea that someone will eat them at some point). BUT, mine will not be eaten…end of story. So thats where I stand right now….when I have a moment later I will have to share the story of Miss Harlow’s first night with us (which was less than 48 hours ago)…great fun in that story…at least for the 3rd party reading it =)


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    Found your blog while surfing and enjoyed chuckling about some of the same stuff we’re experiencing in our similar tale of accidental farming next door in NH.

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