First 24 with Harlow

I suppose I will start at the beginning of my adventure…with no kids so anything would be a good break. At 8am I set of to Brattleboro, VT in the pouring rain. Met up with my mother-in-law for breakfast in the center (she lives in Bethel), then her and I set off to Cherry Rail Farm. You know, there aren’t many mother-in-laws that will go with you to pick out a piglet! Winding driveway in and there are the mommy pigs, so I pull in a little further, right into a mud puddle. But I have 4 wheel drive, so no problem, right? Too bad I was in my husband’s truck and he failed to mention there was an extra step in getting it to kick on. So when the owner told me to pull up in front of where the piglets where hanging out, I was stuck. He had to pull me out is a truck half the size of the one I was in! Oh boy.

Down the hill we go and there they are…about 20 of them…squealing and running and jumping over each other. So cute! We pick out what we think is the best looking of the crew and the owner carries her back up the hill by her hind legs (that’s how your supposed to do it apparently). Into the crate she goes and the owner is impressed it’s new…he says most of her cousins and siblings left in old worn out ones. So I promised her a fate better than what theirs most likely is…dinner.

Home again. We get her nestled into the porch with her own personal space heater…you know, to take the chill out from the ride home, and I leave the back door open so she can explore the fenced in portion of the yard. Of course, I walked by the windows every ten minutes to check on her. Then…I go out to the porch and she isn’t there….out to the yard…empty. Uh oh.

So here we are, me in a bathrobe and my husband in shorts and hunting boots running around the yard calling the name of someone who doesn’t even know her name. Suddenly she comes out of the woods…I think we “cornered her” at least 20 times and each time she slipped right through us. We are yelling at each other too of course! On one cornering, I was on one side of a bush and he was on the other…”Here she comes!” he yells. I jump on top of her and she wriggles right out leaving me careening for the stone wall’s edge. Luckily (or not) my elbow stopped the fall. Back across the street and my husband makes the leap this time, in his leather jacket no less and there she goes into the woods and can no longer be seen or heard.

I’m devastated, my husband is pissed, and I figure I just bought the coyotes the most expensive meal they have ever eaten. We stayed for a while, checked often, but she was gone. I slept on the couch with the back porch light on just in case she came back, but who are we kidding, the coyotes are everywhere and she only spent a few hours here, so she doesn’t know where home is.

7:30am rolls around and my husband comes down the stairs, “Ummm, the pig is right there!” “What?!?” I yell….and there she was. Clearly, chasing her again wasn’t going to work, so we open up the fence and I set up a trail of carrots leading to the porch. She has to be hungry, right? 30 seconds later, there she goes! Right into the backyard and up on to the porch!!! Soaked to the bone and starving, lets just say she hasn’t tried any escapes again =) And that was our first day with Miss Harlow.


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  1. 1

    Pam Brisse said,

    Great photo of the dog and pig! Can’t wait to come visit and see this mini-farm of yours 🙂

  2. 2

    Lisa said,

    She is SOOO cute! cant wait to meet her…

  3. 3

    Awesome post with a great capture of the painful hilarity of novice farming!

    • 4

      farmingchic said,

      Thank you! Sorry it took so long for me to get back on here, but apprently my little stories since have been even funnier =), so stay tuned. Off to follow your blog, maybe you can teach me a thing or 2!!

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