Some Daily Goings On

The Bruins won the Stanley Cup and I say it’s all because they had a lucky pig fan =). I think they should have her in the parade! Harlow is adjusting quite well, maybe a little too well since she isn’t in her permanent home yet, but that’s on the docket for tomorrow. The dogs are accepting her and I have to say it is quite hilarious to watch them all chase each other around the yard, although sometimes I don’t know if they know what to think of her…haha. She has decided that its easier to tip her food dish so she can lay down and eat…lazy piggy. Also found out that it’s not a good idea to have a snack while sitting with her…I had a pretzel and the next thing I knew there was a 40lb pig trying to jump in my lap. Perhaps if I hadn’t just put on clean clothes and she hadn’t just finished rooting in the mud it would have been cuter, but funny none the less. The ducks have been spending their days in the dog pen (that is too small for my dogs) outside…they are still too little to roam free, but I think they are enjoying themselves. I have also decided to change the phrase “Happy as a Pig in Shit”  to “Happy as a Beagle Rolling in Pig Shit.” So nasty, but that’s my Roxy! The cats have spotted her a few time and proceeded to book it as fast as possible, no matter who is standing in their way. A neighborhood scrap food collection has started…even my mother (who thinks I’m absolutely crazy for doing any of this) has joined the crusade. I made green beans and corn on the cob the other night and it was so awesome to not have a single ounce of waste and I mean not one little drop! Dare I say this is actually kind fun? Let’s see if I still feel that way when the new piglet arrives in the next couple of weeks AND the new Muscovies hatch in the next couple weeks…Animals out my ears, Oh My!!


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