Back by Harrassing Demand


Hi Folks! So I have been harassed and teased enough about the hilarity of my life and the fact that I am not keeping it all recorded her. So I am back! And I promise to try to do a better job =). What has changed since my last post you ask? Oh boy…well…my last 10 items are still true to form, some ducks have come and gone. Let me see if I can remember head counts on those…2 Pekins, Ace and Ginger, who are the proud new parents of 3 little ducklings living in my dining room for the moment, 1 mallard (we had 2, but one flew away?), 1 black swedish (who spend to much time with the mallard and his head turned green too?), and approx. 6-8 male muscovies and 1 female for them to fight over (yes, we will be trying to even out those odds for them).

We lost our Beagle and got a new puppy…a large puppy…a test all the patience you have kind of puppy. His name is Duke and he is a black Shepard/ lab mix. Someday he will be as smart as I know he can be. So the total of 4 dogs remains intact. (He joined Angel, the mutt; Muffy, the princess Japanese Chin; and Ollie, the spastic Boston Terrier).

There are also 3 cats around here somewhere (Santana, the terminator; Brody, the skiddish cat; and Princess, the you guessed it…princess). They do their thing and I let them…because they are the easy ones.

The pigs…oh my fat little pink fannied pigs. Double trouble, but cute as hell. At least I think so =). Personalities are formed. We have Harlow the sweet dominator. She means business, but will snuggle with you in her hay (for a little scratchy scratchy of course). And then there is London…oh my little fresh and curious London. She will try to sit on your lap and then pick your pockets, so watch out for that one, but she means well…for herself – lol. We have fenced and re-fenced and blocked and built all around their pen many times to keep those stubborn suckers in, but the challenge still remains…alkthough the frozen ground is helping us out…thank you mother nature for being stronger than a 25olb pig!

Then the children…the messiest of them all! Haley is about to turn 10, Ashley just turned 5, A.J. is 18 months old, AND little Sydney is due in a little less than 6 weeks (on Valentine’s Day no less). SO, the last few months probably would have been funnier for you to watch on video, but that didn’t happen so you will just have to imagine what it looks like when a 8 month preggo tries to wrestle a 200lb pig away from their food bin after she broke into the back porch. And from now on, I vow again, to try to do a better job of making you laugh at me…


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