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What’s the Pekin Difference?

4 days! Thats the difference…these two were born 4 days apart!! You’d think they were on steroids. I can’t believe how fast they grow. We have always had same aged Pekins, so I had no idea. They already need a bigger home and they are only a little over a week old. Gotta go now, they are trying to run off the table!!


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Baby Pekin Doing Fantastic!

Looks like a little sugar-water goes a long way. I gave her some once every couple of hours yesterday and she is running around with her siblings and eating like a champ today!! In sad news, we did have one chick that couldn’t break out of its egg and died inside =(. I’m telling ya, these Pekins are not so good getting into this world on their own! Or maybe its just us?

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Pekins Take Care

The new one has hatched and the “old” ones (all of 5 days old) are jumping in to help her dry out. I’m a little worried about this one though, it isn’t opening its eyes and moving around like the rest did. We are able to get her to take some water, so hopefully we can build up her strength. I have definitely learned that these are quite delicate creatures. Her siblings are doing everything in their power to help too!

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Worst. Behaved. Dog. Ever.

Looks harmless doesn’t he? This was us on our way to Petco for his puppy shots. I thought to myself, “Wow, he is really good in the car, maybe this won’t be as bad as I thought.” WRONG! We made it past the buffet table of dog treats without owing them any money. So far so good. Turn the corner to stand in line behind the other 20 dogs and cats getting shots today and all hell breaks loose. He starts barking and pulling and barking and pulling. He has a choke collar on and clearly doesn’t care that he is choking. At 9 months pregnant, I sit on the floor with him hoping that he will chill out and sit with me. Wrong again. The people ahead of me didn’t seem amused. I briefly thought of just leaving, but he needs the damn shots, we are already here, and he can’t possibly be this bad the whole time, right? WRONG AGAIN! Finally my mom shows up with my daughters. They stood in line while I hid in each aisle with the strongest dumbest dog (who at this point is wheezing from choking himself) trying to keep his gazed from landing on any other animals. My fingers are purple and I have indents on my hands from the chains on the leash wound tightly around my hand.

My mother is humiliated, but luckily the people in line behind us found the whole thing hysterical. I honestly didn’t give a crap at this point what anyone thought. As I sit in the middle of a random aisle just waiting for him to rip one of these bags of food open, he somehow gets the clip off his collar! He’s off…now I am off. Left my pocketbook mid-isle (thankfully my 9-year-old had the sense to go pick it up) and am now chasing this beast through Petco just waiting for him to come face to face with one of his new “friends.” He finds the back of the line and I manage to grab him BY THE TAIL as some brilliant person is taking their cat OUT of the crate….really people? Can’t you see there is a maniac on the loose!!!

Time to fill out the paperwork and my mother has to do all that because I have no hands free…I have been reduced to trying to sit on this idiot to keep him still. Did I mention I was 9 months pregnant? The vet assistant comes over to tell me I should really get a harness because he might accidentally break his trachea pulling that hard. Excuse me ma’am but he should be worried about me “accidentally” breaking his neck in its entirety at this point!

I am seriously sweating profusely by the time it is actually our turn and it took a grown man, myself, and the vet to keep him “still” enough to actually inject his sorry behind with the whatever, which he took like a trooper…go figure. There is more paperwork to be done, but this dog has got to go. Out to the car he goes and I can finally go in without being yanked in every direction (you know, right by the training class) to finish up the paperwork. As I walk back in, I am wondering how hysterical the security tapes from today must be…and the best part…he has to go back in a month for the other rabies shot…

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Hatching Pekin Egg

We have another hathing Pekin egg! Lets see how this one does. They do not seem to be so good at getting out of their own egg. Luckily my hubby is good with tweazers and quite successful at extraction!

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Lessons and Observations Part I

We have been into this little adventure now for about 6 weeks or so? Maybe a little more. Time flies when you’re having fun, right! Along the way I have had many lessons (some funny and some annoying) and made some interesting observations. I need to get better at writing these things down as I am sure I will never remember them all, but I figure I will give you 10 at a time…so long as I can remember 10! Here we go:

1. When installing a pig pen, you MUST act as though you are trying to contain Supermanimal. So far they have figured out how to push open a locked gate and dug up all the stakes we put in to keeping the fence down. Harlow (about 2 X the size of London) gets at the bottom and London comes in at the top for an assist. At least they are working together, right?

2. Watching ducks for too long makes my back hurt. They look like a person bent forward at the knees with double D’s. No wonder they waddle.

3. No two pigs have the same oink, squeal, or bark….which brings me to…

4. PIGS BARK!!! As in, just like a dog. It’s got to be the weirdest thing ever…we teach our children all wrong!

5. Cats that hunt will only test their luck on ducks that don’t quack. At least my Santana won’t and he’s pretty badass =) (He took down a partridge, almost the same size as him). But he won’t touch the ducks now…he has access if he really wants it, but once they started quacking, he lost interest. I guess he likes silent victims.

6. Pigs are like fat ballerinas. They are not actually fat though; they are SOLID creatures and quite thick around the middle. However, that massive body is mounted on four skinny legs with the most dainty looking little pink (piggy) toes. Those little toes have some grace in them too. This, however, taught also me another lesson…

7. Do not wear flip-flops while feeding the piggies. Those sweet looking feet are pointy as hell!

8. Ducks are not the brightest bulbs. We lost 3 of the smallest crew within days of each other. We couldn’t figure out what was going on because it didn’t happen with the other 2 batches, then my hubby figured it out. They flip their food dish and were trying to use it to help them jump out of the cage….falling…and breaking their own necks. More proof that inbreeding is a bad idea. Brilliant.

9. There is something on this Earth that will stop Ollie (our psychotic Boston Terrier) in his tracks. Harlow. All she has to do is turn her head in his direction and he sits down? Ridiculous.

10. And finally…pigs are pickier eaters than you would think. They do not appreciate dry food and the sweeter the better, we nearly had a war out there over an angel food cake. So keep your eggplant, oranges, and potatoes to yourself, but they much appreciate deliveries of corn on the cobb, watermelon, and cantelope. Oh, and never give them their actual food without putting milk in it! I wonder if their siblings live this well?

And there you have my lessons and observations thus far. Take them for whatever you will, which I’m sure is for entertainment and not actual advice in your own life because you have to be more sane than I =).

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Animal Totality

OK, so we started with 4 dogs, 3 cats, and 3 kids which most people cringe at….what do we have to add now? Two piggies, Harlow (who you have met) and little London. They met and were instant friends…thank God…could have gone sooooo much worse. Then there is the duck situation…or should I say overpopulation. I introduced to you the first two, Ace & Ginger, who are now pretty much full grown and living out in their pen (with two pools ehhem) full time. And I was waiting for some of the eggs at the barn I work at to hatch…then someone tells me that all the eggs are gone! How dare they. I wanted Muscovies and only Muscovies, so I found a lady one town over that had 5 left, so I went and grabbed them. OK, so now 7, not so bad….right? Four, yeah FOUR, days later when I went back to the barn there were seven, yes SEVEN, new baby ducklings…now…14. Then another came the next (yeah so much for the eggs being gone!). Two of the babies got sick and died =( bring us down to 13….and another duckling born the next day = back up to 14. Did you follow all that? I have to because head counts are becoming very neccessary around here! Lucky for me we can break them into groups of small, medium, and large. Sooooo, 4 dogs, 3 cats, 2 pigs, 14 ducks, and 3 kids running around here and someone is always hungry. What I don’t have is intruders, mice, chipminks, moles, grubs, or leftovers =). Could there be more suprises coming?

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